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Georgia Kousoulou father's mansion contemporary abstract cityscape by Sara Sherwood

London cityscape artist explains “Love is the real power”

The cityscape “LOVE is the real power” topical for Valentines day, at Towie star Georgia Kousoulou’s father’s mansion. Art lover Louca Kousoulou fell in love with the painting the minute he saw it.

The colours of the art are reflected in the chandelier and the warm colours illuminate the room. It extends the magic of the painting into the home decor. I spent a few days with Louca, home styling and decluttering the mansion to bring it to its full potential. He now has art in a number of rooms and says:

“Sara’s Art has brought love and warmth to the house, which has generated a sense of wellbeing and positivity. This art has definitely created a vibe of love flowing through the air”.
Quote by Louca Kousoulou

To see the canvas prints of this work of art

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Spitalfields Arts Market Q&A

Paintings of London at Spitalfields Art Market Abstract art by Sara Sherwood

What do you love most about Spitalfields Arts Market and why did you choose to sell your art here?

I love the diversity of people that sell and visit Spitalfields Arts and General Market, it is a hive of creativity and talent fused with hard working and positive individuals that have build their own brands and products. It is refreshing to see unique arts that are represented directly by the artist. The Arts market gives me the perfect forum to get direct feedback from clients and the general public. I see reactions first hand and note which art sells best. I can then create new work with a specific customer base in mind. I have found many of the other artists at Spitalfields both supportive and positive. We share ideas for art products and suppliers, which have enriched all of our lives.

The area is perfect to exhibit my paintings of London and get I inspiration from the local vibe. To see more about Spitalfields Art Market

For dates and times when I will be exhibiting


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