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Reflected in You by Sara Sherwood - Contemporary Abstract Cityscape Artist London
Colour and Light Art exhibition at Skylark Galleries London
Two Artists, two styles, two subjects. The paintings of Sara Sherwood and Trinidad Ball are brought together by their passion for and understanding of colour and light.
“Featured are Sara Sherwood cityscapes, skylines of London, with contemporary abstract in beautiful light and flowing colours. The paintings are contemporary, bright and uplifting with a depth and drama that is unique to Sara Sherwood Art”.
Trinidad Ball is an exceptionally talented portrait artist and captures a moment with drama and style. He colour blends are beautiful with both structure and light, Her use of colour is sensitive and captivating.
These contemporary abstract, portrait and paintings of London are on show until 6pm on 19 August. Trinidad Ball will be in the gallery to answer any questions on 19th August. Sara Sherwood will be there to talk about her London Cityscapes after 12pm.

Free Flow Painting by Sara Sherwood - Contemporary Abstract Free Flow Painting by Sara Sherwood - Contemporary Abstract Artist London

“Free Flow” oil painting by Sara Sherwood London Artist known for cityscapes and abstract art
Why paint?
Painting Techniques
What it is like to be an artist.
Painting Commissions
Want to know more about life as an artist pop into the Skylark Art Gallery in London Southbank at Oxo Tower Wharf Unit 1.09.
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Painting of London in oil on canvas "Your love has given me wings" by Sara Sherwood

Cityscape in oil on canvas “Your love has given me wings” by Sara Sherwood

#Spittlefields Art Market 3 to 5 September #SaraSherwoodArt
My aim is to create a cityscape that is a lightscape painting of London. Thinking about the northern lights coming to London and combining that with the energy of movement throughout the city. Combining vibrancy and calm is an interesting process on many levels. Hope you enjoy! To see more visit

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"Bringing the Rainbows down to Earth" cityscape painting of London by Sara Sherwood

“Bringing the Rainbows down to Earth” cityscape painting of London by Sara Sherwood

Cityscape painting of London “Bringing the Rainbow down to Earth” by Sara Sherwood was inspired by my love of light and rainbows. Rainbows are full of grace and beauty and I wanted to express this happiness in a contemporary work of art.
To see more

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The Real Power, oil on canvas by Sara Sherwood

“The Real Power” oil on canvas cityscape painting by Sara Sherwood

This cityscape painting of London “The real power” is about the power of love. I believe in focusing on the positive. These modern cityscapes are colourful and my aim is for my art to uplift. I work quickly with brushes, palette knives and my hands to create these contemporary paintings. The art just evolves as I work (in oil on canvas) with ideas unfolding as I paint.

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Artist Statement by Sara Sherwood Contemporary Abstract Artist

Artist Statement by Sara Sherwood Contemporary Abstract Artist

There is beauty everywhere and I am captivated by the reflections, shapes and angles
of the city as well as the curves in nature. I interpret a view with emotion and express that in paint. My aim is to bring positivity into a work of art.

I begin to work as I am but with clear intention and faith by the end of the painting we have both been transformed into beauty with a strength that is beyond my understanding. When I am feeling very happy I use the lifted feeling in my heart to push the paint into joyous swoops and swirls and capture that moment of pleasure and freedom.

My spiritual journey and free thinking approach to fine art began in 2000. I studied at Bournemouth and Poole college of Art and Design from 1986 to 1988 and prior to that at Herefordshire college of Art and Design from 1984 to 1986. Having worked in the design sector for 16 years, I became a full time artist in 2005.

Working in oil on canvas, my passion is for colour, self-expression and fluidity. I love to work alla prima, putting colours down instinctively, blending with brushes and using my hands and a palette knife with intuition and spontaneity.

Inspiration comes from a source far greater than me: everyday moments; nature and life experiences all add to the creative process. When I paint I am fulfilled and aim to pass this love, spirituality and joy into my art.

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Abstract painting "Double rainbow" by Sara Sherwood in oil on canvas

Abstract painting “Double rainbow” by Sara Sherwood in oil on canvas

Painting tip for today is follow your heart when it comes to painting. To express yourself fully I believe art has to come from the heart. The happier and more positive you can be will impact your work and follow through into your creativity. My paintings of London, New York and Paris all have positive themes and my focus is to uplift and be joyous. The abstract painting below also holds a kind wish for the couple that commissioned it. For me the process of painting is cathartic and will also heal me as I work in oil on canvas.

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Cityscape "I found the bottom of the rainbow" abstract art by Sara Sherwood

Cityscape “I found the bottom of the rainbow” abstract art by Sara Sherwood

This painting of London is about gratitude, the inspiration “I found the bottom of the rainbow” came to me when I was thinking about my art and how happy I am when I paint and when I make someone else happy when the art gives them pleasure in their home or office. I have found my pot of gold. In this contemporary work of art the colours are fresh and bright on a white background which captures the essence of spring and new life in a cityscape.

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Abstract oil painting of Landscape by Sara Sherwood

Abstract oil painting of Landscape by Sara Sherwood

This abstract oil painting was created on commission as corporate art for City Asset in London. They ordered a range of hand embellished prints of London for their meeting room suite and then decided on an original oil on canvas for their reception area. The brief was to create something welcoming and warm to compliment the reception area. This work of art was painted “all-prima” in a semi-abstract style. The office does not have natural light so I was keen to bring the beauty of the great outdoors inside.

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Painting of London "Basking in Sunshine" by Sara Sherwood

Painting of London “Basking in Sunshine” by Sara Sherwood

This oil painting of London was inspired by the protection of St Pauls’ Cathedral during the second world war. It is also fused with the idea of flowers in hanging baskets in and around the city. In this cityscape I wanted to create an abstract work of art that was uplifting and full of life. It has 22 carat gold leaf in the centre of many flowers which adds a richness to the oil painting. For more paintings of London, Paris, New York, Venice and Hong Kong please visit

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Gunmetal Sky The armour of God by Sara Sherwood

“Gunmetal Sky”, Ephesians 6 NIV by Sara Sherwood Oil on canvas

Oil on canvas painting of London by Sara Sherwood includes 20 Fenchurch Street, tower bridge, tower 42 and Heron tower.
Named “Gunmetal Sky”, inspired by The armour of God, Ephesians 6

This new work of art was created over 4 sessions, each time adding layers and taking the art in new directions until it felt complete. I hope your find peace in this work of art. I love London and am proud to live in this amazing city.

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