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Cityscape Painting of London by Sara Sherwood Contemporary Abstract Artist Gallery at Spitalfields Art Market Love Guides Us

Cityscape London “Love Guides Us” is about love, it is about doing the right thing in life, even if you don’t want to. I overcame temptation with the prayer of others from a monastery as I was not able to do this in my own power.

I want this painting of cityscape London to uplift and shine out grace and beauty. It is a celebration of all that is good. Sunshine, happiness and great joy. The colours signify how my heart feels on a good day.

If you want to see how I embellished the cityscape London print, check out this video

I have work at Spitalfields Art Market and plan to be back there at some point in the future.. in the meantime I shall be painting more cityscapes London Love Guides Us in different colours and designs

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The heart can be a powerful force for good or bad and we have a choice from our mind. When head and heart are aligned then you know your direction is clear. Go for it…

To see more about my painted canvas prints and cityscape art as my art gallery is online


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“The church inside me” London cityscape oil on canvas by Sara Sherwood.  In the UK our churches have closed due to the coronavirus but His light shines brightly in my heart and I shine his beauty through my art. This cityscape of London to represents the love and kindness everywhere in these challenging times. Thank you to all the medical teams and staff in shops and delivery drivers that are helping us all to flow.

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I am managing my mind to see the positive at this moment in time. I am noticing all that I have and am grateful for the many art orders and creative ideas that are flowing at the moment. I would encourage you to paint or draw or make something like a cake or nourishing meal. Any form of creativity leads us to be calm. I find the art of being lost in a moment or totally absorbed by a task mentally relaxing and it is from this place that more ideas come to me. Sometimes about business and marketing and other times about pure creativity. I am blessed to live this way and have the ideal job for me that involves both silence, stillness and interacting at events or online.

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Abstract by Sara Sherwood - Contemporary Abstract London Cityscape Artist

London artist meets Russian Nikolsky Ensemble and their music has inspired me to share “the light inside me” abstract and to talk about how I paint. Music opens my heart and I use it to share the best of me in my art, in both my paintings of London and contemporary abstracts. I work in oil on canvas. Sacred music adds another dimension to my art. I think the more we share with each other on a deeper level the more we can hope for a better more peaceful world. Respect for each others faiths and differences is paramount. If we do our best to love our neighbour as ourselves, then we can hope for Paradise here on earth. As a London artist I enjoy travel, “Paradise on Earth” landscape painting was inspired by a trip to Croatia and the church on the hill was inspired by the church of St Euphemia, Rovinj.

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Gunmetal Sky Cityscape by Sara Sherwood - Contemporary Abstract Artist London

London cityscape in reds was inspired by warmth and sunlight. I want my art to give joy and to inspire other artists. Painting is self expression and that is free will and choice. Painting with happy thoughts and feelings. Silent ministry is powerful. My art is my voice. This is “Gunmetal Sky” based on Ephesians 6 armour of God. It is about spiritual protection painted to music of that passage to capture that essence. I hope this art emits peace in every home of any faith or nationality. I want to inspire artists of all faiths to believe, pray and share joy as they paint. If we have an open heart of joy, then it is therefore captured in the work.

We can create world peace in precious moments by bringing ripples of pleasure to anyone who sees or buys beautiful art. I know art can be thought provoking and that is dramatic but my focus is to spread joy through art as a wonderous gift and legacy. I encourage others to do the same. I suggest all artists to stand side by side in peace, unity and harmony to be an example the world. Shine brightly….

This painting is part of my hand painted print collection, some examples will be on show #spitalfieldsse1 art market.

Nearest tube Liverpool Street, in Spitalfields Arts Market in Crispin place opposite Leon.

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97716 Unite and Connect abstract art Painting of London by Sara Sherwood cityscapes #knifecrimesolution

“Unite and Connect” painting of London was inspired by the “True Hearts” concept by Louca Kousoulou. #knifecrime solution

His visionary goal is to educate and support the youth of today to bring about a peaceful and positive future for this world. His idea is to introduce academies instead of unemployment benefit, to work with ex-gang members and ex-veteran homeless to train and motivate others to build a peaceful society for our future.

With an open heart our youth can unite and connect with each other and have a common goal of building a better future. This is a utopian strategy but every great idea starts with a dream.

We believe that this concept can work across religions and break down barriers to create a society built on love not fear. With a strategy for funding via TV and sponsorship, Kousoulou is convinced it is possible to make this a reality.

The painting shows London in a positive light. Unity in faith is a key element with an open heart and acceptance of others and their beliefs. I believe we should focus on the commonalities that draws society together, rather than the negatives that the media so often portray. Yes bad things happen, but the more we focus on the positive the more that can expand.

I hope my art emanates peace and joy from my heart and I wish that for every soul in this world.

To find out more or request the full proposal email #knifecrime solution
“Unite and Connect” Art by Sara Sherwood. Let love conquer the world……… to see more cityscapes

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Georgia Kousoulou father's mansion contemporary abstract cityscape by Sara Sherwood

London cityscape artist explains “Love is the real power”

The cityscape “LOVE is the real power” topical for Valentines day, at Towie star Georgia Kousoulou’s father’s mansion. Art lover Louca Kousoulou fell in love with the painting the minute he saw it.

The colours of the art are reflected in the chandelier and the warm colours illuminate the room. It extends the magic of the painting into the home decor. I spent a few days with Louca, home styling and decluttering the mansion to bring it to its full potential. He now has art in a number of rooms and says:

“Sara’s Art has brought love and warmth to the house, which has generated a sense of wellbeing and positivity. This art has definitely created a vibe of love flowing through the air”.
Quote by Louca Kousoulou

To see the canvas prints of this work of art

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Spitalfields Arts Market Q&A

Paintings of London at Spitalfields Art Market Abstract art by Sara Sherwood

What do you love most about Spitalfields Arts Market and why did you choose to sell your art here?

I love the diversity of people that sell and visit Spitalfields Arts and General Market, it is a hive of creativity and talent fused with hard working and positive individuals that have build their own brands and products. It is refreshing to see unique arts that are represented directly by the artist. The Arts market gives me the perfect forum to get direct feedback from clients and the general public. I see reactions first hand and note which art sells best. I can then create new work with a specific customer base in mind. I have found many of the other artists at Spitalfields both supportive and positive. We share ideas for art products and suppliers, which have enriched all of our lives.

The area is perfect to exhibit my paintings of London and get I inspiration from the local vibe. To see more about Spitalfields Art Market

For dates and times when I will be exhibiting


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Reflected in You by Sara Sherwood - Contemporary Abstract Cityscape Artist London
Colour and Light Art exhibition at Skylark Galleries London
Two Artists, two styles, two subjects. The paintings of Sara Sherwood and Trinidad Ball are brought together by their passion for and understanding of colour and light.
“Featured are Sara Sherwood cityscapes, skylines of London, with contemporary abstract in beautiful light and flowing colours. The paintings are contemporary, bright and uplifting with a depth and drama that is unique to Sara Sherwood Art”.
Trinidad Ball is an exceptionally talented portrait artist and captures a moment with drama and style. He colour blends are beautiful with both structure and light, Her use of colour is sensitive and captivating.
These contemporary abstract, portrait and paintings of London are on show until 6pm on 19 August. Trinidad Ball will be in the gallery to answer any questions on 19th August. Sara Sherwood will be there to talk about her London Cityscapes after 12pm.

Free Flow Painting by Sara Sherwood - Contemporary Abstract Free Flow Painting by Sara Sherwood - Contemporary Abstract Artist London

“Free Flow” oil painting by Sara Sherwood London Artist known for cityscapes and abstract art
Why paint?
Painting Techniques
What it is like to be an artist.
Painting Commissions
Want to know more about life as an artist pop into the Skylark Art Gallery in London Southbank at Oxo Tower Wharf Unit 1.09.
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Painting London Bridges

Painting London Bridges by Sara Sherwood - Contemporary Abstract Cityscape Artist London

Painting London bridges is for a client in Singapore. It was painted on Commission and is called “Shimmer Sunset”

How I Paint London Bridges


The brief was about painting London bridges as well as a London skyline, whilst painting London bridges. These include; Tower Bridge, Blackfriars Bridge, Millennium Bridge, Cannon St. Bridge and Hungerford Bridge. The bridges represent the exchange of ideas and trade. I was sent photos of the client’s room, with images of the other art to make sure the colour palette would work well in the setting.


Next I produced a couple of sketches in pen and ink to suggest a layout and with client approval started work. I prepared the background, painting and layering the sky with colours to make a warm sunshine blend. I then sent this for approval before the next layer of buildings and bridges were added.


Spurred on by approval, my next task was to build the composition and I referred to the sketches I made and begin to paint. I did not think too much just painted and flowed with ideas as I worked. This is the easiest way to be creative and the art has a spontaneity this way. This layer was then left to dry and then the painting of London bridges were added. I used photos (I take photos whenever I see something beautiful or to capture light on a building so have many images of London landmarks and ideas for inspiration) as a reference point to get the structural shapes of the bridges and then just painted. I took out a lot of detail this was the most time consuming part of creating the art.


In reality the bridges are painted lightly so they appear to float but it took a while to achieve this result and it was more about what I took out and did not paint to create that effect. I experimented with the reflections until I was happy with the results. I wait for layers to dry when working in oils as then you can work quickly on top and without fear of ruining the blends underneath. If I choose I can take off a new layer with minimal negative effect whilst the paint is still wet. Some colours like yellow are harder to remove and they create a residue but generally I use this technique to build up reflections but putting on and taking off oil. I wipe and smudge with a cloth and my hands as well as with wet and dry brushes. This form of pure creativity is very near to play and I am focused in the moment when I paint.

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To see more of my commissions and sold work see On The Wall

I will be exhibiting at Surrey Contemporary Art Fair 23-25 February


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"Bridging the Gap" London Cityscape by Sara Sherwood - Contemporary Cityscape Abstract Artist London

London Cityscape

This sunflower London cityscape is called “Bridging the Gap” A link between two worlds, the spiritual and reality… It was inspired after a trip to Hyde Hall, whilst looking at the sunflowers in the gardens, shining in the summer sun. Capturing visual warmth and happiness of the day combined with a London Skyline. The painting is in two halves to symbolise unity.

My inspiration comes from everyday moments and nature fused with my faith and a love of life. My darkest times have passed and I now paint with love and joy in my heart. Dancing and gardening are a part of my life, they give me a sense of freedom and self expression which filters into my art.

London Skyline

London has a beautiful skyline which I want to capture and show in a beautiful light. This London cityscape was sold just before Christmas as a gift in a romantic gesture for a partner, it fulfilled its destiny as the piece was about unity.

London Cityscape by Sara Sherwood - Contemporary Abstract Artist London

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My art is shown regularly at Spitalfields Art Market. A new collection of art is being created now, in time for the first Spitalfields event of the year in 8 to 11 March 2018:

Spitalfields Arts Market

To view more of my Cityscape Paintings visit my cityscape gallery here:

Cityscape Gallery

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