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Sara Sherwood art in Interfax offices

"Into our world", Interfax office painting by Sara Sherwood

“Into our world” Interfax office painting by Sara Sherwood

This work was created specifically for Interfax, based in the City of London by artist Sara Sherwood. Interfax wanted to show the locations of their offices so we came up with the concept “Into our World” which symbolises the unification of the company across some of the different countries they are based in: Moscow, London and New York. We chose iconic buildings and the painting flowed from that with the London Skyline being the centre-point as it is where the art is to be placed and to celebrate the beauty of London. Tranquility and harmony was also an underlying theme so the art would be noticed and make a statement in a dramatic but gentle and sophisticated way, the aim was to inject a sense of calm to the boardroom to enhance the ambience and facilitate a productive working environment.

The boardroom is a mix of green/yellow ochre, chrome and brown wood. We decided upon white with olive green and golds and silvers to echo this contemporary feel and add another dimension with the olive green so the colour mix was not too prescriptive.

Individual pieces are called “Kremlin cake” “A break in the clouds” and “Flying high, New York” These titles came intuitively whist painting.

It has been a pleasure working with Interfax

Testimonial from Karen Whitney, Interfax Europe Ltd

Interfax contracted Sara Sherwood after seeing some of her work on display in Leadenhall Market. Our company had just moved offices and were embarking on a new high profile project and wanted something that would make the boardroom distinctive and unique but that was also cost effective!
We are an international company and had decided sort of on a portrayal of some of our major offices and seeing Sara’s London cityscapes thought we could both work from that.

Sara visited our offices and saw the boardroom and came up with a variety of ideas for us using her knowledge of colours, shapes etc to paint a triage of pictures for us of 3 of our office locations including our Moscow head office.

The finished work was done in an amazing time and looks absolutely splendid and has certainly ‘made’ our boardroom and I have to say working with Sara was a pleasure throughout.

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