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Art for corporate interior by Sara Sherwood

Art for Corporate Interior 2

This is a recent testimonial from a project to supply original works of art a year ago.

“Sara Sherwood supplied and created art for our offices in Canary Wharf with New Art Gallery. With a clear understanding of interior design Sara offered art placement advice and came to our offices with a variety of paintings in order to get feedback and select from. Working with a team of executives she was able to come up with solutions that everyone liked: both cityscapes and abstracts. Some of the works of art were on commission, she met the brief and delivered in a timely way.

Her paintings have been in our meeting rooms since January 2011 and are a constant source of inspiration and colour, evoking numerous comments from clients and employees. She captures London and other cities at their very best.

Her art is expressive, sophisticated and vibrant. The balance is perfect for an office environment and I am delighted we took the decision to purchase her art.”

Managing Director at a world-leading financial services company

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St Patrick's Breastplate Poem

The Deer’s Cry: St Patrick’s Breastplate Poem

I am working on a series of paintings for peace: so far I have “Peaceful London” and this is feedback from Sister Marion:

“I think Sara’s idea for a peace project is wonderful. There is too much blasphemy, caustic provocation and sniggering in the world already and all it does is weigh people down. To radiate peace and joy will add to the peace and joy in the world. There isn’t enough of it. Sara’s paintings are full of peace and joy and are very uplifting. Tell her I am right behind her and will be praying hard. I would love to see her painting of the St Patrick’s Breastplate prayer when it is finished. The other name for the prayer is “The Deer’s Cry”

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Happy Flowers

Before: Happy Flowers

Happy Flowers was just sitting at a New Art Gallery, Barlylands without much feedback so I decided to give it a re-vamp. It is now called: Happy Flowers, icing is sweet.
I have shown it at Leadenhall market recently and it has had some amazing feedback, so I am pleased I re-painted it. I got some amazing effects, inspired by a commission for someone else of Fortnum and Mason. The layering of paint is really fun to do and the results give very powerful result. The texture draws you in to see more….
This one is still available 76x102cms @ £1200 if you buy from me direct, (image no 94297)

Happy Flowers Icing is sweet oil on canvas Sara Sherwood

After: Happy Flowers

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Never Stop Flying Oil on Canvas by Sara Sherwood

“Never Stop Flying” By Sara Sherwood

Never stop flying is a painting of London and was true to it’s name and took a week to arrive at its destination in France despite a next day service for a variety of reasons! An appropriate title as it was purchased by a pilot, I am pleased to say the new owner is delighted and comments:

“The painting is beautiful! The sky seems so pure. It will be a pleasure to look to London from my sofa, my mind will be traveling a lot.”

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I can Breathe

“I can Breathe” cityscape by Sara Sherwood

I am very pleased to get this feedback for a commissioned work of art, completed in February 2012

“‘I Can Breathe’ is safe and sound in Docklands, and is without doubt an inspiration and breath of fresh life into my flat. The canvases are magnificent! Really vibrant and energetic – the colours, individually and collectively, work perfectly and there are so many fascinating individual elements – something new and different attracts my eye each time I look at them… I had to smile yesterday evening, as I almost had the sense of people looking out of some of the buildings gazing on me gazing at them.”

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