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Abstract painting "Double rainbow" by Sara Sherwood in oil on canvas

Abstract painting “Double rainbow” by Sara Sherwood in oil on canvas

Painting tip for today is follow your heart when it comes to painting. To express yourself fully I believe art has to come from the heart. The happier and more positive you can be will impact your work and follow through into your creativity. My paintings of London, New York and Paris all have positive themes and my focus is to uplift and be joyous. The abstract painting below also holds a kind wish for the couple that commissioned it. For me the process of painting is cathartic and will also heal me as I work in oil on canvas.

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We all love Sunflowers, abstract mixed media painting on paper by Sara Sherwood

“We all love Sunflowers”, abstract mixed media painting on paper by Sara Sherwood

How to create an abstract work of art? Just start painting and have fun.

Let go of all expectation of what you are going to create and just start playing with paint or whatever medium you choose. Have lots of paper or canvas and be prepared to experiment, that is how you find your own style. Just do rather than think about doing and with this open approach you can try all sorts of tools, brushes, palette knives, straws, sticks, hands. When you are relaxed and in a playful state positive pure creativity can happen. You may find elements in this playful state that are really beautiful and will try again and again in new colours and on different materials. Painting on board is different to canvas and painting on paper offers an opportunity for different results. I often take paper when I travel and create my smaller works abroad. I am keen on mixed media on oil paper and use pencil, oil paint and gold leaf in many of my small works of art. Just have a go and see what happens…

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Painting with Intention

Tip 3. When you are painting hold the intention of what you create will be beautiful, know that blessings come from God and ask for His help if you need it! Be positive whatever your faith.

Tip 4. Enjoy the process rather than focus on the outcome.

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My First Blog

Painting tips from Sara Sherwood.

Tip 1, just have a go and see what happens, don’t wait for inspiration just paint. It is only a canvas or piece of paper and there are plenty more, you can throw it if you do not like it and have another go. Now you are free to begin! Leave any fear about the outcome behind you.

Tip 2. Get messy, play with the paint, pastel or pencil, see what it can do. Use your hands, brushes, ends of brushes, sponges, fingernails any thing you pick up, see what happens. Most of my techniques have been developed this way. This will lead you to find your own style.

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