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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Abstract oil painting "Angel wing protects" oil on canvas by Sara Sherwood

Abstract oil painting “Angel Wing Protects” oil on canvas by Sara Sherwood

My abstract oil paintings just flow in their own direction when I work on commission. I take a brief listen to what is required then start painting, trusting and letting go. I am then free to be paint and respond with the heart and mind. This way I can create a contemporary work of art without restriction. This work of art was created to go with “Curtain of Light” it has soft silvers and magenta running through the blue. To see more abstracts check out

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"Bringing the Rainbows down to Earth" cityscape painting of London by Sara Sherwood

“Bringing the Rainbows down to Earth” cityscape painting of London by Sara Sherwood

Cityscape painting of London “Bringing the Rainbow down to Earth” by Sara Sherwood was inspired by my love of light and rainbows. Rainbows are full of grace and beauty and I wanted to express this happiness in a contemporary work of art.
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The Real Power, oil on canvas by Sara Sherwood

“The Real Power” oil on canvas cityscape painting by Sara Sherwood

This cityscape painting of London “The real power” is about the power of love. I believe in focusing on the positive. These modern cityscapes are colourful and my aim is for my art to uplift. I work quickly with brushes, palette knives and my hands to create these contemporary paintings. The art just evolves as I work (in oil on canvas) with ideas unfolding as I paint.

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Painting of London in oil on canvas "Your love has given me wings" by Sara Sherwood

London Cityscape by Sara Sherwood. “Your love has given me wings”

Colour in a contemporary cityscape creates the drama in a work of art. This modern cityscape is one of my most recent pieces. My inspiration came from seeing a photo of the Northern lights and I imagined light surrounding the city like a blanket. I am also inspired by reflections within reflections and the shapes and shadows that you see in building windows. Old within new and visa versa, it all adds to the wonder of the city and my aim is to be a cityscape artist that expresses depth and joy in my art.

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