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"Polar Paws Sky" by Sara Sherwood - Contemporary Abstract Artist London

Painting gives me a sense of freedom and escapism into another world. I listen to music and that helps me transcend into a better place. Light is a key element of my art. I just paint, focused on the moment and watch the art unfold as I work. Sometimes there is a plan but often this is overtaken by the flow and I just go with it. Some of my most fluid abstracts have happened this way, I finish the painting and then move onto the next which might be what I first intended to do. This way my work has a freedom of movement and is free. I can focus to work on commission and enjoy the purpose of creating a specific work of art for someone. This is immensely rewarding and I am grateful for the many commissions I work on.

My artistic world is full of butterflies, sunflowers and peaceful sunny days. I love painting when it is raining outside as I am cosy inside and settle more easily. I find a peace in painting and hope that expression is captured in the art. There is a spiritual element to my art and I will happily talk about this if asked directly at any of my events. See website for details

I am not sure how I paint exactly so if you are thinking of painting I would say just paint and see what happens. If you view it as an extension of play and let go of the outcome, just focus on having a fun, you will enjoy the process and be more likely to produce a good result. It is only paper or canvas, if you like it great and if you want to do something else, just leave it in the past and move on. Keep painting or collecting whatever your passion.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the last 12 years of painting full time.

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Contemporary abstract Skyline artist Sara Sherwood shows cityscape at Skylark Galleries
Sara Sherwood and Trinidad Ball are this months featured artists in Skylark Gallery 2. Their work is both calm and sophisticated with a certain depth which is compelling to the viewer. Exhibition continues until 27 August Unit 1.09 Oxo Tower on London’s Southbank. For opening times
Sara Sherwood creates vibrant and expressive cityscape and abstract paintings they are sophisticated and infused with a sense of style. Painting with colours instinctively, blending with brushes and using a palette knife with intuition and spontaneity. Her compositions reveal cities as we have never seen them before. She takes iconic and legendary buildings and paints them into magical cityscapes full of colour and drama. Sara believes “Inspiration comes from a source far greater than me, nature and everyday moments. Life experiences all add to the creative process.

To discuss any art purchase you can meet the artist by appointment by contacting the artists direct via their websites.

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