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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Cityscape by Sara Sherwood

“Sunflower St Pauls” Oil on canvas

Today I decided to re-work an old painting, I was thinking I would work it in reds, create poppies around St Pauls and then it go for it. After 3 hours nothing was working, then after a short break my mind relaxed and I could begin, whilst thinking of nothing. The work of art is called “Fighting for Light”, and for those of you who are into positive thinking but have had to learn the technique you will know what I mean.
Some are lucky it comes naturally. For me I have to catch the negative and change it.
Recently I was reminded about a poem, I dedicate this painting to Father George, Sister Marion, Saint George, Saint Patrick and Archangel Michael. Below is part of the prayer: St Patrick Breastplate which inspired me.

I arise today, through
the strength of Heaven
the light of the sun
the radiance of the moon
the splendor of fire
the speed of lightening
the swiftness of wind
the depth of the sea
the stability of the earth
The firmness of rock

I arise today, through
God’s strength to pilot me

Whatever your faith, keep positive, focus of what you love and have gratitude for all your blessings.
The painting is not finished yet but I publish what I let go of to achieve the next level.

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