SARASHERWOOD ART Original abstract & cityscape paintings for sale by London artist

Abstract Paintings for Sale

My abstract paintings for sale are both colourful and calm. Inspiration comes mainly from nature especially sky, birds and angels.
I want to capture a sense of being able to breathe easily when you view my art.

About the Art

Creating abstract images of wings makes me feel free: from a dove giving hope to an eagle soaring above the clouds. Abstract art is completely intuitive and I often don’t think, just paint. I listen to uplifting music or prayers so I can create abstract art that is positive. I believe an essence of something greater than me is captured in the abstract art form. I just know where to move brushes rather than think what to paint.

I am very open to painting commissions – this includes working with a given colour theme. My background is in interior design so I understand about art placement and how to create the right mood for a room by suggesting different works of art. I consider colours, format, subject and composition greatly before embarking on any commission. Then I let go and build up textures, blends and flow in abstract creativity.

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