SARASHERWOOD ART Original abstract & cityscape paintings for sale by London artist

Landscape Paintings for Sale

These landscape paintings for sale are inspired by nature and I am particularly drawn to paint the sea and sky.
When I look up I feel a sense of freedom. My aim is to capture this feeling in my landscape paintings.


The textures and colour blends in nature are awe-inspiring. Just looking at the textures and colour shades in one petal alone shows great depth and majesty in creation. I paint both imaginary and real landscape art. I am naturally drawn to sky blue and purples but can also fuse wonderful hot pinks with earth tones, just like the flowers and foliage against soft earth. The feeling of a gentle breeze is like a brush stroke caress across the canvas. Clouds dance in the sky and morning mist can be shown in a thousand shades of different colours. The sea is a powerful image to capture in oil on canvas. It is such a powerful force and any seascape painting can be created in any colour. Creating sea spray can be a playful process of flicking and directing paint in experimental ways. Gold and palladium leaf can be the sun kissed beach or sparkle on water. If you would like a particular landscape view in a painting please feel free to contact me with your ideas or to see examples. 

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