SARASHERWOOD ART Original abstract & cityscape paintings for sale by London artist

Cityscape Paintings for Sale

I am grateful to offer my cityscape paintings for sale. I love to create colourful art that is both vibrant and calm.
Cityscape painting captivates my imagination seeing traditional buildings with new architecture.

Behind the Paintings

My paintings of London are visually inspired by different reflections in glass and steel. Water can be so beautiful when lit by sunlight creating natural sparkles. I use palladium, diamonds and gold leaf to depict this in my art. Lights twinkle in buildings like little stars. River or rain reflections can be wonderfully playful to paint and add such depth to a painting. To see more about the spiritual depth in my work please visit my hope blog.

I can also create a work of art of any city skyline on commission. I enjoy working on large canvas art, to capture a majestic sky, sweeping across the canvas in both bold and subtle brush strokes blended with palette knife, fingers and brushes. I also use rags and different tools to create different effects. Building up different thicknesses of paint and taking off layers to get a balance of depth and detail into my cityscape paintings. I sometimes hide motifs in the art of butterflies, dragonflies, people or significant dates. This makes the painting really unique, especially if it is on commission and has special meaning captured in the art just for you.

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