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Events 2018

"I found the bottom of the Rainbow" cityscape art by Sara Sherwood

Showing paintings of London, New York, other Cityscapes and Abstract oil on canvas

Surrey Contemporary Art Fair
23-25 February 2018

Spitalfields Art Market E1 6AA (10am to 5pm monthly throughout 2018)
March 8-11
April 5-8
May 3-6
June 7-10
July 5-8
July 26-29
Aug 3-4 Cafe Art Project
Sept 13-16
Oct 4-7
Nov 1-4
Nov 29- Dec 2
Dec 13-16

Featured Artist: Skylark Gallery, Unit 1.09 Oxo Tower, Southbank SE1 9PH
31 July – 19 August 2017, in attendance 2pm – 6pm Sunday 19th August

Windsor Art Fair November 2018
9-11 November 2018 stand 47

Visit Studio or Art Placement Service:
Want to see art at a time that suits you? Visit my Studio by appointment or I can come to you contact me.

Surrey Contemporary Art Fair 2019
15-17 March 2019 stand 77
Email me for ticket offers

Skylark Gallery
Unit 1.09 Oxo Tower, Southbank SE1 9PH

New Art Gallery
The Couch House Gallery, High Street, Alfriston, BN26 5TD

For invites to private views please join the newsletter.

Image at top “I found the Bottom of the Rainbow” See shop for details

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Abstract oil painting "Angel wing protects" oil on canvas by Sara Sherwood

Abstract oil painting “Angel Wing Protects” oil on canvas by Sara Sherwood

My abstract oil paintings just flow in their own direction when I work on commission. I take a brief listen to what is required then start painting, trusting and letting go. I am then free to be paint and respond with the heart and mind. This way I can create a contemporary work of art without restriction. This work of art was created to go with “Curtain of Light” it has soft silvers and magenta running through the blue. To see more abstracts check out

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Painting of London in oil on canvas "Your love has given me wings" by Sara Sherwood

London Cityscape by Sara Sherwood. “Your love has given me wings”

Colour in a contemporary cityscape creates the drama in a work of art. This modern cityscape is one of my most recent pieces. My inspiration came from seeing a photo of the Northern lights and I imagined light surrounding the city like a blanket. I am also inspired by reflections within reflections and the shapes and shadows that you see in building windows. Old within new and visa versa, it all adds to the wonder of the city and my aim is to be a cityscape artist that expresses depth and joy in my art.

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Painting of London "Basking in Sunshine" by Sara Sherwood

Painting of London “Basking in Sunshine” by Sara Sherwood

This oil painting of London was inspired by the protection of St Pauls’ Cathedral during the second world war. It is also fused with the idea of flowers in hanging baskets in and around the city. In this cityscape I wanted to create an abstract work of art that was uplifting and full of life. It has 22 carat gold leaf in the centre of many flowers which adds a richness to the oil painting. For more paintings of London, Paris, New York, Venice and Hong Kong please visit

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All that glitters is not gold

“Impressions of London” oil on canvas by Sara Sherwood

Painted in oil on canvas, this cityscape is full of drama and captures the mysterious beauty of London. Southwark Cathedral and the Shard make dramatic shapes in the London landscape. London is a beautiful city.

“All that glitters is not gold” is the meaning behind the painting. Something shining and bright on the surface may be empty inside. To polish our inner-self, we have to clean many internal layers. Challenge destructive self belief patterns and cultivate new positive thoughts. If we focus on what we love we get more of it. Gratitude is a great way forward.

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Sara Sherwood and Michelle Elwell at Grand Designs Live 4-12 May 2013

Sara Sherwood and Michelle Elwell at Grand Designs Live 4-12 May 2013

Sara Sherwood cityscape artist will be at Grand Designs Live at Excel 4-12 May. Over the next few weeks I shall be in my studio creating new art. I shall also be exhibiting with Michelle Elwell who creates beautiful digital art inspired by nature.

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"Uplifted" oil on canvas by Sara Sherwood

“Uplifted” oil on canvas by Sara Sherwood

This painting of London is an early work of art that has just been updated to my latest style. It has a new part to the title “Uplifted, straight to the heart” I originally saw this image in a dream and produced this oil on canvas a few days later. I am based in London and regularly paint the world around me, I also create other cityscapes such as Paris, Rome, Venice and New York in oils.

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Standing Tall, New York Cityscape

“Standing Tall” oil on canvas by Sara Sherwood

This oil painting of New York “Standing tall” is about being proud to be who you are: standing out or above the crowd, just like the building. I thoroughly enjoy painting cityscapes and like to create vibrant contemporary art that is both dramatic and easy to place in a home or office.

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Gunmetal Sky The armour of God by Sara Sherwood

“Gunmetal Sky”, Ephesians 6 NIV by Sara Sherwood Oil on canvas

Oil on canvas painting of London by Sara Sherwood includes 20 Fenchurch Street, tower bridge, tower 42 and Heron tower.
Named “Gunmetal Sky”, inspired by The armour of God, Ephesians 6

This new work of art was created over 4 sessions, each time adding layers and taking the art in new directions until it felt complete. I hope your find peace in this work of art. I love London and am proud to live in this amazing city.

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Cityscape of New York painted in oil on canvas by Sara Sherwood

“In His Light” Abstract cityscape by Sara Sherwood

This cityscape skyline painting of New York was inspired by listening to psalm 95 song by Ian White. The music made me feel so happy and made me want to dance as I painted “In His Light”. Also inspired by the lights and drama of New York, I wanted to express that vibrancy in oil on canvas in a semi abstract style to create a ‘feel good’ work of art. I have happy memories of New York and it is a beautiful city to paint.

I am also creating more paintings of London, New York, Venice, Rome and Paris and these abstract architectural paintings can be seen at Leadenhall market in the city of London every Wednesday. I welcome commissions and new challenges which take me in new creative directions and have painted one off works of art for many corporate office art collections. I sometimes take part in art fairs in London so please check my website or the galleries in London that I am part of: Skylark Galleries. I am also part of New Art Gallery in Barlylands Craft Village, Essex.

I am also considering taking part in art on the railings in Bayswater Road art market depending on my workload and weather!

To see more city skylines please visit

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